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Copy Menus

The Copy Menus selection from the Cycle Menus section of Details allows you to copy meals from one menu cycle to another. You can select which days, meals, diets, and categories to copy to an existing or new menu cycle.

To copy a menu, select Copy Menus from the Cycle Menus section of Details.

The following dialog box is displayed:





1.In the Copy From section, select the cycle you want to copy the menu from.

2.Select the cycle days you want to copy.

3.Select the meal(s) you would like to copy. Also select the diets and categories to copy.

4.In the Copy To section, select the menu cycle you're copying to. Enter the cycle days you're copying to. The program automatically inserts the same cycle days entered in the "Copy From" field. But this can be changed if needed.

5.When done making the selections, click Copy. A progress bar will indicate the progress of the copy process.