Copy Food Item

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Copy Food Item

Any time that you see a "Add a new food item” link, you are able to create a new food item that is not in the database. In addition, you can also copy an existing item it they share most of the same attributes. For example, let’s say that Chicken Noodle soup is in the database. But with some diets, you need to serve Low Sodium Chicken Soup which is not in the database. Follow these steps to create a "new" item based on an existing food item:

1.Search for the item you're looking for. If the item does not appear, but another does that is close to the item you need, highlight the found item then click "+Add new food item".

2.A screen will pop up requesting if you want to copy the highlighted item.

3.Respond with "Yes" to copy the existing item. A detail screen will then display the details of the "new" item with the name automatically created with "Copy of... {Old item}".

4.Enter the name to reflect the new item you are creating. Make any other changes you want. Then Click OK. Now the new item is in the system ready for use.