Food Item Consistencies

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Food Item Consistencies

This selection will bring up a consistency worksheet which allows you to view and modify consistency instructions for an item.

When you make this selection from the Food Items section, all of the food items are displayed with the consistency instructions selected.

Select the consistency instruction you want to view or modify.

Search for a specific item by typing the food item name in the search field.




When the item is displayed, you can change how the item is served for the consistency chosen by clicking the drop down menu and selecting the consistency desired or the "Do not serve" option.

If the “Do not Serve” option is selected, you may want to add a substitute food item to be served in its place. You can do this by clicking "Edit Substitution" then enter the Substitute item. A window will pop up to select the item and portion size to substitute with.





When the item and portion are selected, click Save and the substitute is created.

If the item you want to substitute with is not in the database you can click Create Item to add a new item to the database, this will bring up the Add an item screen where you can create the item then add it as the substitute.