Consistency Exceptions

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Consistency Exceptions

You can also override consistency adjustments for specific items or group foods using consistency exceptions. For consistency exceptions, you choose a specific item or group food, and then choose the consistency desired for that item.

For instance: You added a consistency adjustment for a resident to have all his food items pureed. However, the resident is able or wants to eat sliced bread regular and not pureed. Therefore, when sliced bread is served you want it to be served regular. You then create a consistency exception to override the general pureed consistency applied to all food items in the category.


To create a consistency exception:

1.From the Residents column. Enter and select the resident you want to create a consistency exception for.

2.From the Resident Needs Tab, select Consistency Adjustment. On the bottom of the page you will see the consistency exception area.

3.This will give you the current consistency exceptions, if any. To Add a consistency exception, enter the name of the food item you are creating the exception for.

4.Select the food item.

5.From the "Serve As" drop down menu, select the consistency to serve this item as, then click Add.





The food item is then added to the current consistency exceptions with the consistency selected.


If you need to make a change to this consistency exception, highlight the item then click Edit. This allows you to change the consistency exception for this item.