Consistency Adjustments

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Consistency Adjustments

The consistency adjustments feature allows you to select the consistency requirements (ground, chopped, pureed, etc.) by meal category for your resident. When you have chosen a consistency for the resident, MealTracker compares the consistency selected to the Food Items Consistency Worksheet to determine how each item should be served.

You may add additional consistencies to MealTracker in Tools > Setup Options.

 To select the appropriate consistency for the resident:




1.From the Residents column. Enter and select the resident you want to add a consistency adjustment for.

2. From the Resident Needs Tab, select Consistency Adjustment

3. This will give you the current consistency adjustments for the resident, if any. To add a consistency, click Add a consistency Adjustment.

4.Select the category, meal(s) and the consistency. Click Add, and the consistency chosen will print proper consistency in front of the food item on the resident's tray ticket.

** See the next chapter for consistency exceptions (items being excluded from the consistency instructions selected here.)