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Consistency refers to the texture in which a food item is served. It might be ground, chopped, pureed, or any other number of textures. However the most common are Ground, chopped and Pureed.

The MealTracker System allows multiple Consistency Names. You can add as many consistencies as you deem necessary and they will print accordingly on the tray tickets based on the consistency assigned to the resident.

However, only four consistencies will print on the production sheet. You can specify which four you want printed by selecting those four consistencies on the bottom of this screen.

You can also select the order to display them by using the "Move Up" and Move Down" buttons.





Note: When editing consistency, click the "P" to indicate that the consistency is to use pureed portions instead of regular portions





When adding a new consistency, if you do not want this consistency to show as an option in the resident profile, un-click the "R" to the right so that it is grayed out. Only those consistencies that have been selected with the "R" for Resident are displayed as consistency options in the resident profiles. 







To Add a consistency, click Add a Consistency. Enter the consistency name. If you want to use pureed portion sizes for the consistency click the "P" to the left of the consistency name. When done click Save.

To Change a consistency, select the consistency to change, click Edit then modify the name and click Save when done.

To Delete a consistency, select the consistency to delete, click the X on the right of the consistency. The system will prompt to confirm the deletion. If the consistency is in use, the X will not be displayed and you are unable to delete it.

To Replace a Consistency, to the right of the consistency, click the X. This will open a window with a drop down and the replacement consistency defaults to None. Click None, then select the consistency that will replace the deleted one for all residents with that deleted consistency.  Any consistency instruction for the replaced consistency will be deleted.

Residents - will produce a report of the residents with the consistency selected.