Condiment Information

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Condiment Information

The condiment feature allows you to attach menu items (usually items that are complimentary) to the main food item. Simple examples would include FISH STICKS with the condiment TARTER SAUCE or HOT DOG with the condiment MUSTARD. The purpose of using the condiment feature is to tell the system that the condiment item is only served with the item it is attached to. In other words, you do not serve MUSTARD if you do not get the HOT DOG.

You can attach more than one condiment to any menu item. There is a Setup option which allows you to select whether you want to have the condiment feature choose all condiments or just one condiment (based on likes and dislikes)


You can add condiments while editing a menu in Change Menu under Cycle Menus and directly from the Food Item Condiments selections, under the Food Items section of the Details folder.





Condiments added here are permanent and will carry forward any time you use the food item.




The Food Item Condiments is a kind of worksheet where you are working only on the food condiments.


In the above figure, you have the initial master food item. From this screen you select which item you are adding a condiment to. When you click Edit, another page appears where you can add the condiment. Here you search for the condiment and when found, you select the portion size for the condiments and diets to assign it to. Click Save Condiments when done.