Checking Setup Parameters

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Checking Setup Parameters

Setup Options is where you can enter or select the proper settings for your facility. There are some settings that are necessary to ensure that they meet the requirements of your facility. In addition, certain options require proper settings so that the software can correctly adapt those settings for optimum functionality. Setup options are discussed in more detail in the Settings chapter. But, we're covering it here to ensure the basic settings have been entered.

1. To access the setup screen, click Settings from the main MealTracker site.





         2. The Setup Options window appears. Select the tab you want to work with. Then select the sub-tab you want to set up or edit.        

 3. When you have entered the information in a section, click the next tab to continue with your settings.

 4. When done, click Save Facility Information on the lower right of the screen, to save your selections.



Listed below are the sections that should be checked for accuracy.

Facility Name - Enter or change your facility name.

Cycle Start Day - Select the day of the week on which you want your cycle menu to start.

Diets - Enter all of your therapeutic diets.

Meal Categories - Enter or change your meal categories.

Consistencies - Enter or change the consistencies needed.

Units of Measure – Add or modify units of measure used in the system.

Meal / Snack Names- Enter or change your meal names.

RDA/BEE Factors- Enter or edit the Activity and injury levels. Also add or edit protein needs.

Category / Item Notes - Enter or modify category and item notes

Production Jobs - Enter or edit the production job types. These categories are used to list the food items on the production sheets.