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Change Menu

 The Change Menu option in the Cycle menus section of Details, allows you to add, delete and edit food items for a specific menu.

 When you choose "Change Menu" the following screen is displayed:




Select the Cycle Menu, Week, Day, and Diet you want to work with. Then click Go. Select the Meal to work with.

The Menu builder page appears with items that have already been entered for that specific week, day, and meal. If there are no food items for that diet/meal then you will need to enter them.


*When you hover your mouse over an item, the portion size, category and Serve to fields open so that you can make any needed changes.


If you want to view the always offered items for this menu, click the "Show Always Offered” check box. The items from the always offered is displayed in italics and shading. They are not modifiable from this window, but are displayed for convenience. To work with the always offered items. Select "Always Offered" from the .Week drop down menu.

Click the Left/Right arrow keys to navigate between Diets.