Change Food Item

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Change Food Item

If you need to modify an existing food item, select "Change a Food Item" from the Details >Food Items section.

 A small search window is displayed.



Start typing the name of the item you want to modify. The system will start searching as you type and will produce a list of items that match your entry.

Select the item that matches the item you want to change.

The food item detail screen appears. This contains all the pertinent information for that food item. From here you can make changes. When done click "Save Food Item"





Under the Food Item Details you can work on any of the following item details:

Food Item Name

UOM (Unit of measure)

Menu Category

Portion sizes

Production Job Type (for Tallying purposes in the production reports)

Consistency Instructions

Heart Healthy Indicator

In the upper left of this screen you can see a Heart Healthy symbol. If the item is a Heart Healthy item click this button. It will change the heart symbol color to red to indicate that the food item is now marked as heart healthy. On the menu builder screen or "Change Menu" the heart symbol is displayed next to the food item.





 From this tab, you can add the food item to previously created group foods.


From the Condiments tab, you're able to add a condiment to the food item. Condiments added here are permanently attached to the item.


In this tab you can enter additional categories that this food item can satisfy. For instance, a meat load would cover the Entree, starch, and vegetable.


If you have a recipe for the food item, you may want to match the new food item to the recipe. This enables you to include the item in a Recipe Book if you desire.