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This page allows you to add, edit, and delete diets. A diet is defined in MealTracker as a group of foods/meals which meet the requirements of a resident's nutritional intake. Each resident needs to have a diet assigned to him or her in their resident profile. Only the Diet names in the system are managed from this screen.





Add a Diet / Copy Diet:

Click Add a Diet, and enter a name and an abbreviation for the new diet. Click Save to save the new diet.

Select the location (order in which it will show up) of the new diet by clicking the arrows to the left of the diet.

If you want to copy an existing diet to the new diet, select Copy Diets to copy from an existing populated diet to another diet.

You will need to add items or modify the new diet to meet the specifics of the diet. You can do this via the Cycle Menus / Change Menu screen. Follow the instructions in Change Menus for editing your menu items.

If a diet is a diet that requires a resident not be served any food items such as “NPO”, click on the “servable” box. This will ensure that a tray ticket is not printed for the resident.  




Delete a diet:

Click a diet to highlight it.

Click the X to the right of the diet to delete it.

Select a replacement diet if you want to have one or “None”. Click Yes, to confirm the deletion

Confirm your deletion

Warning! This will permanently delete the diet from the system. If any residents are currently on the diet, the system will not allow you to remove it. If you still want to delete the diet, you must place those residents on another diet by selecting another diet in their profile via the Resident Profiles / Change resident profile screen.

You can print a list of the residents on that diet by selecting the diet, then clicking the Residents button on the right.

Edit a diet - Use edit to change the name or abbreviation of a specific diet.

Click the diet you want to modify

Click Edit to the right of the diet.

Make your changes then click Save to accept the changes.

Move Up or Move Down Arrows - These arrow buttons allow you to re-organize the order of your diets. To the left of the diet you want to move, click the appropriate arrow button for the direction in which you want to move the diet.

Residents - When you press the Residents button the system generates a list of residents that are currently on the diet selected. Click Download to save and print the report.

Combination Diets

There are two ways to handle combination diets. The way you handle each combination should be selected based on the number of residents on the combination and the complexity of the combination diet.

Diet Note and Group Food



For most simple diet combinations, the best way to accommodate them is through the use of the Diet Note and group food dislikes. After choosing the main diet, you should complete the combination by entering the remainder of the diet order under Diet Note. The purpose of the diet note is to document the complete therapeutic diet on tray tickets and other printouts.

The second part of this procedure is to use the dislikes feature to cancel any food groups the resident should avoid. For example, if a resident is on a “No concentrated sweets, mild sodium restriction”. You would choose the NCS diet as the resident's main diet. Then type MILD SODIUM RESTRICTION in the diet note. Then under the dislikes you would list a group food which includes all of the foods which would be high in sodium. See the Group Foods topic if you aren't sure how to create or use group foods.

Diet Creation

The second method is more obvious. If you find enough residents are being put on a specific combination, or if the combination is particularly complex, you may find it necessary to create a new diet. Keep in mind that when you create a new diet, you are responsible for making sure the diet extensions are accurate for the new diet. You must also extend your menu for each diet when creating new menus. For these reasons, we recommend keeping the number of diets as low as possible.

To create a new diet, choose Tools then Setup Options. Under the General heading choose Change Diets. When you create a new diet, the system allows you to copy from a similar existing diet. This will eliminate the need to completely enter the menu from scratch for the new diet. You must make any modifications to the food items as necessary to ensure that the new diet meets the therapeutic requirements.