Category Refusals

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Category Refusals

This feature is used when a resident doesn't want to be served a certain part of any meal. Category refusals are entered by meal, day and meal category. It is often used in conjunction with Special Request Items. Following are some examples of requests that would include category refusals.


No dessert at lunch

No cereal at breakfast

Only Soup and Sandwich at Lunch.

The last example would be a combination of special request items and category refusals. You would enter category refusals for all categories at lunch, and then enter special request items for the Soup and Sandwich.

This feature makes it very easy to cancel a certain part of any meal.

To Add a Category refusal:


1.From the Resident profile screen, select Category Refusals in the Preferences tab. Any current category refusals already selected for the Resident is displayed. If it is blank, there aren't any.

2.Click Add a Category Refusal to add a new Category refusal. A screen appears that allows you to select the category to add and the options related to it.



In this sample, we select Breakfast, Starch/Cereal on "All Days" not to be served.


         3.  Select the meal(s), meal categories, and the day(s) or cycle days for the refusal.

       4.  Click OK when the selections have been made. The refusal is saved and displayed on the category refusals screen.