Category Notes

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Category Notes

Category and item notes appear within the body of the menu on the tray tickets. The difference is that with category notes, the text appears with any item in that category (Entree, starch, vegetable, etc.).

The Item note it appears only for specific food items (e.g., baked chicken, cheerio's, carrots, etc.) with an item note attached.




Any category notes appear directly below the menu item in that category as in the sample tray ticket above.



To Add a Category Note:

1.From the resident profile page / Notes tab select Category Notes.

2.Any current notes are displayed. Click Add a Category Note to add a new note.

3.The Add a category note selection screen is displayed.

4.Select the meal and category.

5.In the Category Note field, enter the note you want to add to this category. If the note is listed, select that note. If it is not listed, enter it in the way you would like it listed. Click "Create" to create the new note.

6.When you are through making the selections for the notes, click Add. The note is added as specified.