Category / Item Notes

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Category / Item Notes


Category in this section refers to Meal Categories; Item refers to specific Food Items. Short text notes are used to add additional information as to how a particular item or group of foods is to be served to a resident. Category and item notes appear within the body of the menu on the tray tickets. Item notes appear directly below the specific food item and any category notes selected in the resident's profile appears directly below any menu item in that category.

This setup form allows you to Add, Edit, and Delete the category/item notes that are available within the resident profiles. Any note not included on the list can also be created from the individual resident's profile when actually adding an item or category note.

You can also purge the list of un-used notes and turn the tally option (to print as separate item on production sheet) on and off by checking or un-checking that option.





To Add a new note, click the Add a Category/Item Note. The text field will open for you to enter the new name. Click Save when done.

To Edit a note, Highlight the note you want to edit, then click the Edit Note make your changes then Save.

To Delete a note, highlight the note you want to delete, then click Delete Note.

Tally - Switch this to OFF if you do not wish to tally this note on the production sheets

Multi-Note Report - You can produce a report of all the residents that have category and/or item notes. The report is broken down by note then lists the residents.


Select the notes you would like a report for. You can select more than one note by clicking the first note desired than dragging the mouse downward. All of the selected notes are highlighted in blue, or you can Select All.





         The report appears on the screen. You can save or print the report by selecting the corresponding icon.