Between Meal Snacks

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Between Meal Snacks


This feature allows you to add, change, or delete any between meal snacks or nourishment you want to serve your resident for the selected snack times.

From the preferences tab, click "Between Meal Snacks".  If any snacks have been added for this resident, they would be displayed on this screen.



Adding a new between meal snacks:


Click +Add a Between Meal Snack.






In the search field enter the food item you would like to add.

When the food item appears, select the item by clicking it. Then select the portion size, the snack times for the item to be served the days or cycle days and the expiration date, if any. Then click Add.

If you need to edit the item click Edit Food Item If you need to create a new Item, click the Add new food Item.

The item is added to residents profile and displayed in their Between Meal Snacks window: