New Items to Group Foods

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New Items to Group Foods

This selection allows you to add new food items that have been imported with a new menu to be added to existing food groups.

You are prompted to add the new items during the import process. However, if you skip that process, you can use this selection to add the new items at a later time.





1.Select the Group to add items to and the Cycle Menu to work with.

2.Enter a search name to find like products to add to the group. For example: "Cheese,” "Fruit,” "Milk" - This will filter the food items to just the one with your keywords.

3.Select the items to add, then click the item to add that food item to the selected group.

4.MealTracker will make suggestions of items that can be added to the group food. Click the Suggestions tab to view those items. Click the check mark to add the item or X to remove it.