Always Offered

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Always Offered

When building your menus, you will likely want to use a very important feature called Always Offered. Items placed in the always offered menus are considered additional choices to the items in your daily menu file. This allows you to enter just once, the items that are served every day. These items typically include milk, cereals, juices, and standard menu alternates.

 Remember that these choices are always considered alternates to whatever is on the daily menu. So for breakfast you can have a selection of ten different cereals. You can enter all ten cereals under Always Offered. Then on each daily        menu, indicate the one or two cereals (maybe one hot and one cold cereal) that are the primary choice(s) for that day. The system will automatically use the always offered as alternates based on each resident profile.

At lunch and dinner, you may want to enter the standard menu alternates to use if a resident doesn't like any of the choices on your daily menu.

The Always Offered menu is available from the Change Menu selection in the Cycle Menus folder when you build or edit a menu.

When always offered is selected in the "Week" drop down, the "Day" selection is disabled. You will need to select the tab for the meal you are adding always offered items to.

An example of an always offered menu is shown below





The always offered above for Breakfast shows items that are available every day for breakfast. These items are considered alternates to whatever is on the menu. But, if there isn't an item on the menu in a specific category the system will turn to the Always Offered to fill the item in that category. Therefore, even if there is nothing in the menu for that day, the resident will still get one of each category on their ticket.

From this screen you can add, modify, or delete items. You can also add condiments, create menu exceptions, and prioritize each item within a category by selecting in which order they are offered. For example in the above list, the Starch/Cereal has three items listed: Oatmeal Cereal, Cream of Wheat Cereal, and the Cold Cereal Group. What this means is that if there is no other cereal in the menu or for some reason the resident is unable to get what's in the menu, he will still be offered Oatmeal. If he can't or won't have Oatmeal, then Cream of Wheat is served. If somehow he can't get Cream of Wheat, then the system will give him something from the cold cereal group. So it follows the order in which they are on the menu.


To change the order, click the double arrows to the left of the item. The up arrow to move the priority up, and the down arrow to move the priority down.

To edit the item click the item name which is a link to the item details

To add exceptions, click the +Add button to the right of the item

To delete an item click the X on the right of the item that appears when you hover over the item.