Add New Food Item

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Add New Food Item

This selection enables you to add a new item to the Food Items maintained in the system.

To add a new food item to the system, select Add New Food Item from the Food Items section of the Details Column.

A blank form appears ready for you to enter the food item details.



Enter the new item Name

Select the Unit of Measure from the drop down menu

Select the Menu category from the drop down menu

Enter the normal portion size. The system will automatically calculate 2 X for the large portion and 1/2 X for the small portion sizes. These portions are used for residents whose portions have been adjusted to Large or Small. The               portions here will not be available when entering food items to the menu. If you want to add additional portion sizes, add them under "Other portions"

Enter your pureed normal portion. Again the system will calculate the small and large pureed portions.

Select the production job type for the production reports.

If desired, enter the cost of the item per serving

Select if you want to combine the portion sizes of this item on the production reports.

Select any consistency adjustments for this item. If you select "Do not Serve", you can enter a consistency substitution under the "Instead" column. Enter the sub-item, a selection pop up appears. Select the item and portion size for          the sub.

When done, click "Save Food Item". The item is saved and added to the database.

          * Click the "heart" to indicate that the food item is heart healthy. This will print on tickets and reports as a heart healthy item.