Adding a Menu Item Condiment

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Adding a Menu Item Condiment

 Adding a Condiment to a Food Item on the Menu:


  If you want to add a condiment, select the food item then click the plus (+) sign to the right of the item as shown below




A small pop-up window appears requesting you to select if you want to add default condiments or add a condiment.  If you select "Add Default Condiments", any condiments permanently attached to the food item will be added.  If you wish to add a condiment just for this menu, select "Add Condiment"






If you selected "Add Default Condiments", if any, those condiments will be added. If you selected to "Add Condiment" a window appears for you to select the condiment to add.



To create a new item not shown on the list, click Add New Food Item. This will take you to a new window to create a new item to be added as a condiment.