Add a Resident

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Add a Resident

To add a new resident, enter the basic resident information from the Resident column, in the "Add a New Resident" section. The program allows you to make multiple resident additions from that screen, if you want by clicking Save and Add Another when you have completed entry of the first resident. If you do not have any other residents to add, click Add Resident.




All of the information on this screen is required except for the date of birth. When you have filled out the primary new resident data in the above screen, the full edit resident profile screen appears from where you can enter additional resident information. Refer to "Edit a Resident" for more detailed information on the resident profile selections.

Enter the Resident Name. The name can be entered First name Last name format or Last name, First name. If you enter the last name first, put in a comma after the last name.

Enter the room number. Room numbers can be numeric, alphabetic, or alpha-numeric. The only recommendation is that it be consistent. Always use the same format. For instance, if you use numbers and letters always enter them the same way (200A, 401B, 101A). Avoid using spaces, hyphens and characters other than numbers and letters. If you use spaces or hyphens, ensure that you always use them.

Select the diet from the drop down menu. Only choose ONE diet.

Enter a Dietary Note. The Dietary Note can consist of additional Dietary information that you would like to print along with the diet on any tickets or reports.

Select a consistency from the drop down list. Standard consistencies are Chopped, Ground and Pureed. However you can add or modify existing consistencies in Settings. Regular is the default and there is no need to select it.

If a resident has mixed consistencies (i.e.: entree - chopped, vegetables pureed) that can be entered within the profile under Consistency Adjustment. If the consistency is constant (no variances) then the consistency entered here appears next to the Diet on tickets and reports.

Liquids: If the resident requires a thickened liquid, select the type of thickened liquid from the drop down menu. The default is "Regular".

To set up the thickened liquid options, see the section "Thickened Liquids" under Setup Options.

Enter the Status:

Active if the system is going to select the food items from the menu for the resident.

Select if the resident is going to select his food items from the menu. The "Select" status can be changed to only some meals within the profile. If not changed, then it is assumed the resident selects for all meals.

Inactive is reserved for when the resident is not physically in the building but you would like to keep him/her in the system because you expect the resident to     return. The system will add the letters "IA” to the room number to indicate the inactive status.

Enter the Date of Birth - This field is not required. However if you would like to generate birthday lists and calculate RDA/BEE and other data, the date is necessary. This information can also be entered at a later time.

If you need to enter more than one resident, click Add Another.

If you are adding another resident, the current entry is saved and another blank screen will pop up ready for you to enter another resident.

If you're done, click OK, the resident's profile screen appears for additional resident information to be entered.