Add a Food Item to Menu

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Add a Food Item to Menu

To add a food item:


1.Click the Add a {meal} menu item.

2.A window is displayed where you can search and add an item to the menu. Enter the name of the food item you want to add in the search field.






3. When the item appears on the list, select the specific item you want to add, select the portion size (the portion box displays all portions available). Select the menu category, priority, Resident group options if any Resident group is to be used.

4.  Check the diets that you want to apply this item to. If they are un-checked the item will not be added to that diet. You can use the Select All or Clear All to manipulate the diet selections.

5.  Click the Save Menu Item button to save the current selection. The food item is added to the menu and displayed on the cycle menu page.