Adaptive Equipment

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Adaptive Equipment

 This selection allows you to manage the adaptive equipment used in resident profiles. Here you can Add, Edit or Delete an Adaptive equipment.

Adaptive equipment is used to indicate specific aid that is required for a resident at meal time.  This may be in the form of adaptive equipment specific to a food item,  a complete category of items or to a meal.

Adaptive equipment specified for a category will appear below any item within that category such as a "Nosey Cup" for the category beverages.  Adaptive equipment indicated for a meal will appear below the food items on the tray ticket for that meal such as "Special Utensils" required for Lunch and Dinner.  Adaptive equipment for an item is an adaptive equipment required only for a specific food item item such as a "Spread Board" for bread.





To Add an adaptive equipment, click the Add an Adaptive Equipment. The text field will open for you to enter the new name. Click Save when done.

To Edit an adaptive equipment, Highlight the note you want to edit, then click Edit make your changes then Save.

To Delete an adaptive equipment, highlight the note you want to delete, then click the red X to delete.

Multi-Note Report - You can produce a report of all the residents that have Adaptive equipment. The report is broken down by the type of adaptive equipment then lists the residents.